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Greenstar Construction employs industry-leading experts in all areas of construction. Our employees are held to the highest standards thereby ensuring top tier craftsmanship on your home or structure. We use the finest materials from premium manufacturers. This winning combination ensures you will be delighted with the results of your project. Let the Greenstar Team make your vision a reality!


Your home’s roof is vital to protect your investment in your home and family from the elements.



No doubt your home’s interior reflects your personal tastes and style. Why not the exterior?



Whether your home is brick, stucco, clapboard, vinyl or stone, the overhang and other trim areas still require maintenance.



Your windows, beyond aesthetics, how much R-value (insulation) do they provide and how much light do they allow in and how are key factors to consider.



Your home’s entry and patio doors should offer a positive visual dimension and introduce the feel of both your house’s interior and exterior environment.



Let the professionals at Greenstar Construction evaluate your next project regardless of what that project may be.


Discover the possibilities for your home.

  • Twice I have used Greenstar Construction for home improvement projects and will use the company again for future projects, or in the event that I ever have the good fortune to build a new home. In my experience as a long-time homeowner, the quality of work, professionalism and speed at which these projects were addressed and completed was without peer or parallel. The estimate had integrity, the work was delivered ahead of deadline, the jobsite was kept clean and, most important to me, was the fact that the Greenstar principal was regularly on-site checking the work and communicating with me with regard to next steps. I am glad to recommend Greenstar Construction to anyone needing a home or addition.

    - Joe Harris
  • We could not have been more pleased with the construction project that was completed at our home.  The attention to detail, impeccable communication and quality of work was truly beyond our expectations.  We look forward to collaborating on more projects with Greenstar Construction.”

    - Patrick & Tara McKeever
  • Last year I was in need of some major home improvements and received quotes from several different contractors to include Greenstar Construction.  Their pricing was extremely competitive and true professionals did the work quickly.  Once complete, you would never have known a major construction project had just taken place.  I have also consulted with Greenstar Construction on other home improvement projects and they are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would enthusiastically recommend Greenstar Construction.

    Monica Stein
  • We noticed damage to one of the roof vents on our house and were unimpressed with the contractors we met to repair the vent.  As a big storm was moving a friend recommended Greenstar Construction.  Within an hour the crew was on the roof replacing the damaged vent just as the storm was beginning.    We came out unscathed! I continue to recommended Greenstar Construction to everyone I know!

    Brian & Janna Beavick
  • We could not have been more satisfied with the experience we had with Greenstar Construction on our exterior renovation project.  The construction, carpentry, and painting was all completed on time and within schedule.  The high quality workmanship was closely overseen by Dave “Willy" Williamson, who also kept our value needs in focus throughout the project.  Thanks for the great work, and the careful attention to detail.

    Chris & Courtney Graves
  • Greenstar Construction’s professionalism and service were extraordinary.  The company’s owner Willy Williamson was on site every day ensuring the project was being completed on time and on budget.  With a new roof, windows, exterior doors, exterior and interior painting it looks better than the day we bought it.   I confidently recommend the team of professionals at Greenstar Construction to all of my friends.

    Dr. Trey & Elissa White